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If your suspension is not functioning properly, what can happen?

  • Tires wear out fast, and all related suspension components do not last long.
  •  Bad suspension system often causes a safety issue – Stopping distance is increased and overall control of the vehicle is lacking.

Please visit COMPLETE BRAKE SERVICE, where Certified Service experts can analyze the overall suspension system quickly and recommend quality and cost effective service for your suspension system.

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  1. Vehicle has a tendency to pull to one side when driving
  2. Wheels are wiggling and wandering back and forth
  3. Bouncing or dipping after going over a bump
  4. Steering wheel is slipping
  5. Difficulty steering
  6. Wheel vibration
  7. Screeching or screaming noises when steering at low speeds

We provide most services related to Brakes, Clutches, and Suspensions. We specialize in Commercial vehicles, including one ton trucks, vans, buses, RV’s, dump trucks, and moving vans. We also service privately owned vehicles, particularly vintage autos and soon to be collector-autos.