Clutch Repair Columbus Ohio

For Clutch Repair Columbus Ohio

Do you think the vehicle clutch feels worn out or the pedal is losing normal resistance?  Do you have a hard time shifting gears?  If yes, then you should have a clutch replacement or adjustment. Visit COMPLETE BRAKE SERVICE, where Certified Service experts can diagnose your clutch problem quickly and recommend the best performance and cost effective service for your clutch.

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  1. Soft Pedal – Clutch pedal moves to floor with little or no resistance
  2. Hard to Shift  –  Difficult to shift gears is a sign of the master cylinder failure
  3. Pedal Stuck to the Floor – Clutch pedal will not raise off the floor means the hydraulics to the clutch are not working at all
  4. Low Fluid – Having to refill fluid more often than normal means there may be a leak
  5. Fluid Rise in the Reservoir – Press down on the clutch while you look to see if the transmission fluid in the reservoir rises when the clutch is down and then rises again when the clutch is  released
  6. Noisy Engagement – Brake on and the car in gear you may hear a loud noise as you hold down the clutch pedal
  7. Oil on the Cylinder – the bottom of the cylinder feels wet and is oily. The leak is probably  coming from the master cylinder

We provide most services related to Brakes, Clutches, and Suspensions. We specialize in Commercial vehicles, including one ton trucks, vans, buses, RV’s, dump trucks, and moving vans. We also service privately owned vehicles, particularly vintage autos and soon to be collector-autos.