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Braking the vehicle is crucial to a safe and successful driving experience. So when you need new brakes, visit COMPLETE BRAKE SERVICE, where Certified Service experts can analyze brakes quickly and recommend quality and cost effective brakes.

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  • Time for new brakes

The best brake checking tool includes sounds and feelings on your brake foot. These may include whistling noises, chirping sounds, and grinding which are indications that maintenance may be required.

  • Common causes of brake issues
  1. Worn brake pads
  2. Heat-cracked or worn rotors
  3. Loose-fitting brake pads in the caliper
  4. Missing or damaged noise insulators
  5. Uneven torque of lug nuts or caliper hardware

We provide most services related to Brakes, Clutches, and Suspensions. ┬áComplete Brake specializes in Commercial vehicles, including one ton trucks, vans, buses, RV’s, dump trucks, and moving vans. We also service privately owned vehicles, particularly vintage autos and soon to be collector-autos.