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Complete Brake Service

Brake rotors (or brake disc) should not be ignored, after all, they are very important element when it comes to stopping your vehicle. Brake rotors are what the brake pads squeeze to slow the spinning of your wheels.  If your brake system is not operating correctly, you may have a major safety issue on hand that can cause injury to passengers and others involved.

Brakes that are neglected will lead to higher repair costs and eventually cause accident and severe damage. If the brakes are ignored when the audible or visual signal for replacement is apparent, the friction material on the pad will wear out completely leaving only the metal mounting surface. This metal to metal grinding causes more noise than braking power, and will require replacement of brake pad and rotors. Braking distance will increase dramatically.

There are many different brake rotors to choose from. Choosing rotors are dependent upon what you intend to use your vehicle for. It could be anything from racing to everyday driving.

Regardless of use it is important that the brake rotors maintain a smooth surface for the pads to clamp down on.